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Seeholzer Vision Center in Logan, UT offers eye care & optometry services for kids, adults & seniors in a comfortable environment. Call us to schedule an appointment!

No matter how little your little ones are, we have the knowledge and specialized care to give them the best, most comfortable, eye care possible.
For optimal eye health, it’s recommended to have your eyes checked every 2 years for individuals under 60 years old.
For optimal eye health, it’s recommended to have your eyes checked yearly for those over 60. All Senior Citizens enjoy a discount at Seeholzer Vision Center.

Julia Smith

That was probably my best experience going to an eye doctor. They were so pleasant and easy going but what I loved is the interaction that I had with Dr. Seeholzer. He was very genuine and made me feel very much at ease.

Bryan Monson

Dr Seeholzer is excellent in every way. HIGHLY recommend Seeholzer Vision Center.

TJ Ferrel

Great staff, quick and friendly exam, worked with me to maximize my insurance’s value. I would highly recommend them!

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